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As well as our own branded items we also offer a huge range of modern vintage items from the 90’s to the early 00’s, an era I feel represents us most as individuals and as a brand. Our vintage is handpicked by me from around the world but mainly the USA, our collection consists of classic USA and European brands, sportswear items, unique t-shirts including film, tv and cult favourites and vintage essentials like Levi’s jeans, flannel shirts, plain sweatshirts and many more wardrobe staples. 


My goal is to offer our customers an alternative to buying into fast fashion culture. I consciously select clothing to match or even better the quality of new garments and try to do so in the most sustainable way I can.


Over the years I’ve set up shop in various places both long term and also as one off pop up’s. With the decline of the modern high street  in recent years Lazy Joe’s also made a home on Depop. Through selling on Depop Lazy Joe’s has built up a reputation with customers all over the world and gained top seller status allowing us to work with the Depop team to become bigger and better at what we do.

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